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(Parody of Steven Universe full original theme)(w/o me)

If you're a criminal up to no good,
you can count on the two of them
to bring ya downtown!
They won't stand for actions
of the thug class!
They're the best cops
and they love to kick ass!
the Freelance Police!
They'll always solve the case!
And if you try to stop them
they'll rearrange your face!
That's why everyone
should relax
'cause we have
Sam and
(Parody of Steven Universe full original theme involving my heaven fantasy where I'm part of the Freelance Police)

If you're a criminal up to no good,
you can count on the three of us
to bring ya downtown!
We won't stand for actions
of the thug class!
We're the best cops
and we love to kick ass!
the Freelance Police!
We'll always solve the case!
And if you try to stop us
we'll rearrange your face!
That's why the people
of New York
rely on
and Max
and Court!
The following is an idea for a comic/anime or whatever based on and parodying my fantasies.

Kotoni Tobio has lived a long, fulfilling life raising a family and spending time with her beloved husband before his death. The day after her husband dies, Kotoni, age 80, dies in her sleep. She soon wakes up in Heaven and is told by God that she has been granted the ability to live out her wildest fantasies. Her fantasy is to be 18 years old again, be rich and live with her family in a large mansion, and have the ability to spend time and go on adventures with her favorite characters. These characters are:

-The WHITE Team (parody of the RED Team from Team Fortress 2)
 O The Large Guy (Heavy)
 O The Quickster (Scout)
 O The Rocketeer (Soldier)
 O The Firefly (Pyro)
 O The Bomber (Demoman)
 O The Doctor (Medic)
 O The Inventor (Engineer)
 O The Gunman (Sniper)
 O The Espionage (Spy)
-Steve and Matt (parody of Sam and Max who are a cat and a raccoon)
-Soot Jones (parody of Ash Williams from the Evil Dead movies)
-Bane Steveson (parody of Brock Samson from Venture Bros.)
-Snapsnatch (parody of Claptrap from Borderlands)
-My Pretty Puppy (parody of My Little Pony)
 O Midnight Twinkle (Twilight Sparkle)
 O Gem (Rarity)
 O Tricolor Tart (Pinkie Pie)
 O Orange Juice (Applejack)
 O Spectrum Speed (Rainbow Dash)
 O Timidfly (Fluttershy)

Kotoni has short red hair and is a black cat gijinka in her heaven. Her mother is a brown bear gijinka, her father is a rat gijinka, and her younger brother is a white rabbit gijinka.

Be sure to leave comments on what you think of these ideas! ^w^
Sooooo, after looking at the wiki after wanting to see if it updated to have Heavy's revealed name, Misha, and seeing it was short for Mikhail, I decided to do some research on the name. Turns out it's a Hebrew variant of Michael. Yeah. Heavy is likely Jewish! Awesome! Because of this, my brother and I started thinking of ideas where one year, Valve releases the Mann-ischewitz Update, complete with a hat called the Killer's Kipah, a misc item called Mann-ischevitz, which is a little wine bottle, and a quote or two for each class.
Scout: Oy ge-BONK!
Heavy: You are all babies! L'chaim!
Soldier: You will all taste the fury of my Liberty Latke!
And so on. Also the update could be posted by Heavy and at the end there's a soundclip of him singing Hava Nagila in "do-do-do's" and/or "ya-da-da's". Let the hilarity of this all sink in. And to make sure none of you get the wrong idea or think I'm being offensive for some reason, the reason I found this discovery so interesting is because I'm Jewish and get excited when I find out a character I love is also Jewish. Enjoy these little ideas and, if any of you guys understand these jokes, laugh until your faces are tomato-red!
So i was gonna make a chibi comic for TF2 called Meet the Angel, starring me in my heaven form, with what i imagine my first day fighting with the RED team would be like. however i feel way to lazy to draw it, but I can tell you it would be mostly like Smile HD by MisterDavie, the same person who made Cupcakes HD. so imagine me, with a giant wooden hammer that can decapitate the blu heavy w/ a single hard blow, can hit the hearts and ribs right out of the chests of any two blu mercs, can do basically what Pinkie does to rainbow dash to the blu scout, can fire a lazer to basically vaporize any 1 or 3 blu mercs, then i get hit w/ a rocket, but am unharmed as i reveal my true angelic form and fry the remaining blus w/ a blast w/ power not unlike a nuclear bomb. so imagine that when you watch Smile HD. i dont think i could make it look cool enough, even if it is all chibis. i would be very happy if someone loved these visons enough to draw it themselves, but there's no need to go through that trouble. so yeah.
Monday, September 9, I begin my senior year of high school. Wish me luck my heavenly followers! lol
I feel bad that I asked for help so there's no need to give up your metal for me
I'm trying to get enough metal to afford my dream unusual in TF2, but to do that i need at least 22 keys worth of metal or a butt-ton of metal plus lots of keys. If you're interested in helping me get my dream unusual for the sake of being a good friend and have me in your steam friends list, feel free to give me any spare metal or weapons you may have! The hat itself would also be greatly appreciated
One of my steam buddies needs lots of support!…
yeah i got nothin
So my pal Furzfanger of TeamBreakfastTV is in need of a new intro video for the TeamBreakfastTV reactions and stuff. If you are interested please check out the video for the announcement on Youtube to get the email to send it to. Thank you.
The Corndogs are coming! the Corndogs are coming!
Im low on motivation to draw Factelligence peeps, so i need everyone i know who can draw better than me to draw Factelligence to help give me motivation! As you all know Ive been wanting to see better art of them so... GO!!! :3
...For a bunch of Factelligence art! With all the positive feedback I've been getting for the creation of my first yaoi couple, which is also from what I've seen the only shipping between Fact and Intelligence where they're both male, I plan to focus more on the couple! What's also compelling me to draw more of them is the amazing story of my friend and how he met his current boyfriend! Thanks a lot Furzfanger of Team Breakfast! Ya know I might try to start up a group for this pairing where all the art is yaoi, but without it being perverted! Hopefully I do see my creation drawn by better artists than me! Enjoy!
so with what's left of vol 4 i am making a series inspired by The Adventures of Keychain Wheatley by Mizuki-Anya! hope you enjoy!
so yeah i cant think of a single thing to draw that id like to put up here. i only have like 6 or 7 pages left in vol 4 and i cant think of anything i wanna. maybe the red team in halloween costumes but i really dont have any motivation to do so. so i wont be posting anything for a while til i come up w/ good material. then maybe i can move onto vol 5. btw sorry that vol 4 has been mostly portal 2 stuff but i couldnt think of anything tf2 related to draw and as you guys know i havent been playing as much since i got a bf, so dont expect anything from me for a while k?
Been thinkin' 'bout you ev'ryday since
you said that you might like me.
Despite this distance between us I know
we'll meet one day, just wait and see!
You say no matter how little we may talk,
if you're talkin' to me, you're happy,
but sometimes I wish I could talk to you more~

This cyber love makes me happy as can be!
When I see that you're online it's the best thing all day that I see!
I'd give up playing TF2
just to have more time to be cute with you!
This cyber love is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

We never seem to quarrel, if you ask me, that's pretty sweet!
When we play together we never rage at each other or ever cheat.
You'll follow me to any server and I'll gladly follow you!
But if I get pwned I'm all like OH MY GOD! MADRE DE DIOS! OH MON DIEUX!

This cyber love makes me happy as can be!
When I see that you're online it's the best thing all day that I see!
I'd give up playing TF2
just to have more time to be cute with you!
This cyber love is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

Sure, you're pretty cliche,
but I just love when you talk that way!
It's my absolute favorite part of the day~
When I'm not talking to you I feel like cryin'!
If I don't see you all day I might as well be dyin'!

This cyber love makes me happy as can be!
When I see that you're online it's the best thing all day that I see!
I'd give up playing TF2
just to have more time to be cute with you!
This cyber love is the best thing that has ever happened to me!(2x)
im too lazy to make breakup art so pyro will stay my video game crush lol
well ive got news for ya guys: seeing that i have a cyber-boyfriend now which is like a real boyfriend, Pyro and I are sort of breaking up. my parents are most likely not gonna let me get a premium membership just so i can change my username but wutevs ill stick with it. gonna have to make some breakup art though. oh well!
thats right guys! while i still have one more page to post in vol 3, it was Christmas related so im waiting to post it til around december! vol 4 isnt quite finished though i have a buttload of pages to fill and i already have some ideas! feel free to send me tf2, portal 2, adventure time, or even pony related requests! not too many pony requests though i cant draw ponies too well unless i find a good way to chibify them. thanks a bunch, dudes!